Top 50 International Health Care and Nursing Blogs

Do global health issues seem overwhelming to you? You’re not alone. A number of doctors, nurses and organizations feel overwhelmed, too — but many are in the field, working to help others. And, they are writing about global health problems, solutions and ideas. If you want to join them, just visit the any one of the top 50 international health care and nursing blogs listed below to learn more about what they do.

Homeless people living in cardboard boxes in Los Angeles California.Global Health Issues

  1. Blog 4 Global Health: This is an interactive blog produced by the Global Health Council’s Policy, Research and Advocacy team.
  2. Essential Medicines News: This blog covers research and development, technology transfer, law and politics, trade, economics, markets, and regulations in the quest for worldwide public health.
  3. Faster Cures: This blog provides a format to discuss global solutions for new therapies and the treatment of disease.
  4. Global Health Ideas: This blog documents solutions and exchanges ideas on innovative projects in global health.
  5. Global Health Innovation: This blogger is a global health enthusiast and health care innovator.
  6. Global Health Magazine Blogs: The global health community needs to address the issues of health care workers — from training to compensation to migration. This is just one perspective from the blogs you’ll find at this site.
  7. Global Health Policy: This is a group blog at the Center for Global Development that focuses on issues facing the donor community on everything from HIV/AIDS financing to pharmaceutical R&D to broader health systems concerns.
  8. Global Health Report: Longtime health journalist Christine Gorman in the search for what works, what doesn’t and what needs to happen next in global health.
  9. Karen Grepin’s Global Health Blog: Karen is an Assistant Professor of Global Health Policy at NYU-Wagner Graduate School of Public Service in New York.
  10. Little Devices That Could: This group of bloggers likes gadgets and international development. Falls to reason they would like medical technology.
  11. Maternal Mortality Daily: This blog tracks the latest news and blogs addressing global maternal mortality and links to a variety of news sources, blogs and websites of organizations working in maternal health.
  12. Mercy Ships Blog: Mercy Ships is a global charity that has operated hospital ships in developing nations since 1978.
  13. Physicians for Human Rights: This organization investigates and exposes violations of human rights worldwide and works to stop them.
  14. So No Child Must Wait: This blog focuses on Interplast volunteer surgical trips and international partner surgeons around the world. Interplast provides free reconstructive surgeries for the poor in developing countries.
  15. Stayin’ Alive: This blog provides a format for discussion about public health and health care policy from a public health perspective.
  16. The International Medical Market Place: Transcend borders through technology and this blog, which focuses on international trade in the medical marketplace.
  17. The Lancet Global Health Network: The aim of this site is to bring together international scientific and public-health experts.
  18. The Pump Handle: This blog is a “water cooler for the public health crowd,” honing in on sustainability and its connection with global health concerns.
  19. Tropika: This blog provides a gateway to global knowledge management in the field of infectious diseases and poverty.
  20. UNICEF Field Notes: Learn more about how UNICEF works in over 150 countries, providing children with health care, clean water, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more.
  21. Women Deliver: Women Deliver’s message is that maternal health is both a human right and a practical necessity for sustainable development.

Migrant MotherHealthcare in Specific Countries

  1. Borneo Breezes: This blog is about a community medicine doc who “enjoyed the breezes of Borneo while teaching in Sarawak for three months and hope to take them with me out into the world.”
  2. Danielle Ofri: This writer, editor and physician traveled extensively before settling at Bellevue, writing her experiences in this process.
  3. Global Bioethics Blog: This blog promotes reflection on bioethics and research ethics in Sub-Sarahan Africa.
  4. Life for Mothers: The mission of Life for Mothers is to reduce maternal and infant mortality rates in developing countries, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  5. LPN with an M16: Follow this Army nurse as she carries her career into Iraq.
  6. Malawi Clinics: This blog provides a continuous update of news from the different clinics in Malawi, with a focus on technology.
  7. Med Valley High: The life of a physician in Canada takes on new dimensions with this blog.
  8. ONE Blog: This blog focuses on the ONE mission — the grassroots campaign and advocacy organization ommitted to the fight against extreme poverty and preventable disease, particularly in Africa.
  9. Openaid International: This Australian blog focuses on the poorest women and girls across Thailand, Burma and borders with Laos.
  10. PAHO Blog: Blog of the Pan American Health Organization with focus in relevant public health issues that aims to reach health professionals and public health decision-makers to expand local and regional capacities and multiply the available social capital in the countries of the Americas.
  11. Owen Abroad: Not a doctor, not a nurse…Owen is from London, and he is into fitness and international development. He writes about conditions in Ethiopia, where he is leading a team bent on reducing poverty.
  12. Philippine Nurse: If you work in the Philippines or want to travel there to work, this blog can provide you with information, news and updates about nursing in that country.
  13. Pinoy R.N.: Althought this blog focuses on topics for nurses in the Philippines, any nurse can find tips and advise that would help a nursing career at this blog.
  14. PsychoBabble: This Australian psychologist “rambles” on about psychology, health and life in general.
  15. Tundra Medicine Dreams: Learn more about bush medicine, dug mushing and the tundra life through this long-lived blog.
  16. Under the Mosquito Net: This Zen Shiatsu therapist, RN and practicing shaman now lives in Bangladesh and writes about international nursing, health care and “out-of-country adventures.”

Italian NursesTravel Nurses

  1. Adventures in Travel Nursing: According to this travel nurse, traveling life can be great or it can be awful, but it’s always interesting.
  2. Ask Conrad! Conrad answers travel nursing questions in this blog. Conrad was the former publisher of Nursetown.
  3. Expedient Travel Nursing Blog: The Expedient Medstaff group provides content for traveling nurses, including questions directed to travel nurses for discussion.
  4. Highway Hypodermics: This blog was created in effort to assist nurses out with their journey down the “Highway of Travel Nursing.”
  5. I Love Travel Nursing: This blog is about travel nurses career and resources.
  6. Onward Healthcare Blog: Onward Healthcare recognizes two traveling nurses per month. Use their menu to find other articles and blogs about travel nursing.
  7. Sunbelt Staffing Blog: While topics range beyond travel nursing, the main focus remains on careers in traveling healthcare.
  8. The Official Travel Nursing Blog: This blog is about nurses and therapists, and covers careers, job trends and traveling for your profession.
  9. Travel Nurse Aim: Amy’s blog goes back to 2006, and it is filled with great stories, advice and tips for anyone who wants to pursue this career.
  10. Travel Nurse Jobs Blog: This blog is maintained by Cirrus Medical Staffing, and they supply hints to jobs throughout the country as well as traveling nurse tips and advice.
  11. Travel Nursing Blogs: A smorgasbord of blogs designed to assist the traveling nurse from various perspectives.
  12. Travel Registered Nurse: Learn more on this long-running blog about travel nursing, nursing tips and nursing jobs.
  13. Travel RN Gab: Traveling RN, Gary, tries to simplify the life of the traveling nurse by offering his stories and advice.
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on Apr 23, 2010

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