LPN/LVN to BSN Track

While the prospect of obtaining a fast track (also known as a bridge) Bachelor of Science in nursing degree may be enticing to some licensed practical or licensed vocational nurses (LPN/LVN), the greatest benefit to completing an LPN/LVN to BSN fast track program is becoming a registered nurse along the way.

My Degree and What It’s Good For

While it’s not a requirement to obtain a BSN to become an RN, it’s no secret that career opportunities increase, earning potential rises, as well as the ability to enact some personal career choice both in the near future and down the road. At the same time, a fast track program often allows prior work experience, certification, and/or coursework to be applied, allowing candidates to complete the program that much sooner.

My Earning Potential

The earning potential for a registered nurse certainly trumps that of an LPN/LVN; the median annual salary for an RN is about $65,000, while about $40,000 for an LPN/LVN (BLS.gov). While the registered nursing field is expecting 26 percent job growth in the coming years, the financial and career benefits can be taken one step further when a BSN enters the equation. A registered nurse’s ability to obtain future leadership, research, or teaching positions heightens when he/she holds a BSN, and although the industry is growing at a rate faster than most in the U.S., competition is still heightening for prime positions. A BSN helps give RNs a leg up on many of their counterparts.

Other Online Bridge Programs

Online LVN to BSN Degree Programs

Earn your LPN/LVN to BSN degree entirely online with no campus attendance and no waiting list. Learn at your place, your pace, and earn an NLNAC-accredited associates degree in half the time and cost of traditional programs. Read more »

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