Popular Medical Apps

Nurses often deal with patients one-on-one to help them in admission, during an illness, and in recovery. The following 25 Android apps can help along the way, as they point to disease symptoms, offer positive changes for a preventive and healthy lifestyle, and provide entire libraries filled with apps designed for education or to pass on to patients. These tools can be useful in studies and emergencies.


  1. Alzheimer's AppAlzheimer’s Disease: If you know someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, this app can help you understand much more about the basics of this affliction. Learn how to care for someone with this disease, and learn how it affects a person’s mind and physical condition. Available in both Android and iPhone app stores.
  2. iHealthTrax (formerly Illness Tracker): Input your symptoms, meds, and possible causes of your illnesses. The Illness Tracker will keep records of your input and you can show your doctor everything needed on your next visit. Only available for the iPhone.
  3. Instant Heart Rate: The most accurate heart rate monitor for smartphones available. Measure resting heart rate and heart rate recovery with graphing of heart throughout the process. This app is among the top apps in the Health & Fitness category at the Android, iTunes, and Microsoft store.
  4. Quick Medical Diagnosis & Treatment (QMDT): Derived from the 2015 edition of the Current Medical Diagnosis & Treatment(CMDT), which is Written by clinicians renowned in their respective fields, QMDT offers the most current insight into symptoms, signs, epidemiology, and treatment for more than 900 diseases and disorders. For each topic you’ll find concise, evidence-based answers to questions regarding both hospital and ambulatory medicine. This app is available in both the Apple App and Google play stores.
  5. Medscape: This app includes a fast and comprehensive drug reference, including herbals and supplements. It also includes an in-depth disease and condition reference and treatment guide. You can download this app on an Android, Kindle Fire, iPad, or iPhone
  6. NIH Depression Information: If you, or someone you care about suffers from Depression, this application will come in very handy for every day use. All information contained is from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH). Included, you’ll find sections on symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatments.
  7. OnTrack Diabetes: OnTrack is an application to help diabetics manage their diabetes by tracking various items such as blood glucose, food, medication, blood pressure (BP), pulse, exercise and weight. This app is only available through the Google play store.
  8. Pathology and Disease: Pathology and Disease is a fully-featured flash card app that helps you learn about disease processes. This app is perfect for doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical students or anyone interested in diagnosis and treatments. This app is only available through the iTunes App store.
  9. Your Rapid Diagnosis: This application designed to assist with the diagnosis of medical conditions which can be differentiated by their symptoms. A probable diagnosis can be established with this software within two minutes by using a deductive logic system.
  10. Virtual Nurse: Developed by Harvard Medical Schoool, this app is voice activated and can tell you what type of medical action you should take based on your inputted symptoms. Virtual Nurse is available for Android devices.

Preventive Care

  1. Anti AgingAnti-Aging for Android: This app contains ten color-light and sound therapy treatments that each use a specific Color-light wavelength and sound frequency to treat and heal a variety of ailments based on a sacred geometry of gemstones, vitamins, minerals, noble gases, and colors. This app also includes a full before-and-after photo gallery, testimonials, and a complete FAQ educational guide.
  2. Discovery Fit & Health: Find timely information on fitness, food and weight loss; mental health and stress management; and beauty and skin care. Learn how to navigate your healthcare, determine what type of doctor you may need for your illness and share interesting information with family and friends. This application is only available for Android devices.
  3. Easy Stop Smoking: If you’ve ever struggled with stopping smoking this app is the answer, providing incredible support whenever you need it. Easy Stop Smoking has received rave reviews worldwide and features four powerful hypnosis sessions to help you get through the pain. of withdrawals. This app is available through all major app stores.
  4. Herbal Remedies: Learn about herbal remedies, how to use them effectively and how to use herbs to build a healthier life. This app goes into depth on how to choose herbal remedies for treatment as well as for preventive lifestyles.
  5. iTriage: iTriage was created by two emergency room physicians to help people answer health questions such as “What do I have?” and “Where do I go for treatment?” You can use iTriage as a symptom checker, doctor finder, or as a medical reference tool. iTriage helps you figure out what is ailing you, what type of doctor you should visit, and shows you the closest appropriate healthcare providers to your current location or any location you choose.
  6. Physiosensing: This company manages these Android apps, eRunners, eDiabetes, eHypertension or eCholesterol, which let you put in your daily activities to help you monitor your health. Physiosensing apps are only available through Google play store.


  1. EpocratesEpocrates: Get reliable drug, disease and diagnostic information with Epocrates apps. Epocrates offers a free drug reference application, Epocrates Rx, and premium applications Epocrates Essentials and Epocrates Rx Pro that include many additional features. Epocrates is a leading provider of clinical solutions to healthcare professionals and interactive services to the healthcare industry.
  2. gWhiz Medical: This company produces medical apps for Android that include flash cards, exam reviews and medical terms. Although geared toward medical professionals and students, these apps are perfect for anyone who wants to study the details of diseases and their treatments.
  3. Skyscape: This company produces mobile apps for medical professionals, including Davis’s Drug Guide for Nurses, the Nursing 2011 Drug Handbook, Lange Pathology Flash Cards and much more. Find drug guides, medical alerts, journal summaries and references from over 50 medical publishers here.
  4. Unbound Medicine: Unbound Medicine’s award winning mobile applications feature superior navigation so physicians, nurses, students, and clinicians can quickly and easily find answers—anytime, anywhere. Some of their apps include Medicine Central, Control of Communicable Diseases Manual for Mobile + Web, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests and many more top-notch publications and tools.

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