Games and Quizzes to Help You Learn About Health and Medicine

The Internet has a number of amazing uses. Indeed, whether you are a nurse, doctor, or any other health care professional, you can find a number of resources online to help you improve your knowledge, and give you the means to be a better health care practitioner. Today, there are even games that can help you improve your abilities.

Whether you are still going to school to be a nurse or you are working in the field, it is possible for you to learn more with the help of online games. There are a number of games that center around medicine and health, and even those aimed at children can provide a nice refresher course. Here are a variety of great online games and quizzes, in no particular order, to teach you more about healthcare.

Games to Help You Learn About Medicine

The following online games are designed to help you learn more about medicine, including games about human anatomy and surgery.

  1. Medical School: Learn about different parts of the body, and figure out what you need to know to get through medical school. You are able to unlock diseases and learn about different medical careers, making this educational and fun.
  2. Heart Transplant: Try to transplant a heart. The main point of this game is to raise awareness of a shortage of organs. A great game that is fun, and educates players on donating organs.
  3. Anatomy & Physiology: A great medical game, designed like a slot machine, to help you learn more about anatomy and physiology. A fun game that is quick and easy to play. Go for the jackpot!
  4. Heart and Blood Vessels: This “Wheel of Fortune” style game helps you learn about the heart and blood vessels. This is a colorful and fun game.
  5. MEDtropolis: A cool game and virtual tour of the body. It is interactive and fun, making this a great learning tool, study aid or refresher.
  6. MedMyst: This is a cool, online game that helps you solve medical mysteries. Developed by Rice University, you get to learn about different diseases as you solve the mystery.
  7. TraumaMedic: Fun transport game, as well as quizzes, tips, and more. A great way to learn about EMS and nursing.

Games and Calculators About Life Expectancy

These fun games about life expectancy can teach you about the factors that can change the overall length and quality of an average person’s life. You will learn more about what will likely impact your health and wellness.

  1. The Longevity Game: This game is offered by a life insurance company. You can see how different health habits can directly affect your life expectancy.
  2. Virtual Age: Get an idea of your virtual age. This might be different from your “real” age. Depending on your health habits, you may be older or younger than your “real” age.
  3. Living to 100 Calculator: Use this game/quiz to determine what you can do to improve your health and live to the ripe old age of 100.
  4. How Long Will I Live?: Get the scoop on how long you live with this game/calculator. Includes a great look at what factors you might change to improve your health. Educational when it comes to what you are doing about your health.
  5. Test of Life: This is a great game app that helps you learn more about your health, and how it affects your longevity. A great tool to help you educate patients, or provide yourself with a healthy reminder. This link is for Android users, but it can also be found on Facebook and through the iTunes App store.
  6. Death’s Time: This isn’t really health related, or based on medical research, but it’s fun. Head over to Facebook, and you will be provided with a death time, date, and your manner of demise. This is fun way to spend 30 seconds.

Food and Fitness Online Games

You can play the following games and learn more about proper nutrition and healthy physical fitness. While most of them are geared towards children, they can serve as excellent refreshers for adults too.

  1. Kitchen Quest: Designed for kids, this iOS game works to help those of all ages learn about healthy nutrition.
  2. Toothman: Aimed at children to teach them that part of a healthy lifestyle is keeping your dental hygiene intact.
  3. Fitness Frenzy: A fun game to download that helps you learn more about exercise and physical activity. Also includes a time management aspect.
  4. Wendy’s Wellness Online: Learn more about fitness and general wellness. Learn what items can help you live a more balanced and healthy life.

Health and Medicine Quizzes

A good quiz is a great study tool. Use these health and medicine quizzes to test your knowledge. They can be so fun it is like playing another game!

  1. Medical Terminology: Use these quizzes to learn more about medical terms. Includes formal medical jargon, common layman terms, and more. A great way to learn something new, or to brush up on information you already know.
  2. Medical Myths Quiz: A great quiz to help you sort fact from fiction in the medical world.
  3. Medical Lingo: A variety of quizzes designed to help you learn more about medicine, terminology, abbreviations, and jargon.
  4. Medical Cases: Great quizzes, tests, and more that can help you learn more about medicine through the use of fictional medical case files.
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