Informational Blogs to Follow the ObamaCare Debate

Healthcare reform, often known as ObamaCare, has been one of the hottest and most emotionally explosive issues over the past several years among health care professionals and as well as those who do not understand health care. While some people consider that the availability of good healthcare is a right for everyone regardless of their ability to pay, others feel just as strongly that access to healthcare is a privilege only to those who have the funds to pay for it. This list of informational blogs attempts to give a balance to both sides of the ObamaCare debate. However, you may find a rainbow of rationales from extreme to moderate on both sides of the fence.

Negative Commentary

  1. Baroccoli Obama: This anonymous blog takes on ObamaCare as well as any other issue that might make this administration appear weak and silly.
  2. Big Dog’s Weblog: This link leads to full blog entries about ObamaCare from an anti-liberal perspective and an advocate for uprising to eradicate liberalism.
  3. Expose Obama: This blog, which focuses a great deal on healthcare reform and ObamaCare, is a project of the National Campaign Fund, an organization that focuses on teen and unplanned pregnancy prevention.
  4. Flopping Aces: This link leads to negative commentary on health care reform based upon news stories.
  5. House Republican GOP logoGOP Obamacare: A blog that throws blame for the unemployment rate on ObamaCare. Also discusses legislation, news and solutions to the healthcare issue.
  6. Health Policy Blog: Dr. Goodman is one of the contributors of this premier, right-of-center, health care blog. He frequently is invited to testify before Congress on health care reform and retirement topics and is the author of more than 50 published studies.
  7. NewsBusters: A highly active blog focused on commenting and reporting the opinion that ObamaCare can never work.
  8. ObamaCare 411: This blog is designed to contribute to the ongoing national discussion of health care reform, “and, most importantly, to help educate the public to the real costs of the legislation.”
  9. Scotty Starnes’s Blog: This blogger often cites sources to supplement his opinions on the healthcare issue as well as why he thinks Democrats are ruining the country.
  10. The Moral Liberal: This blogger supports “the Judeo-Christian ethic, limited government, and That Heavenly Banner: The U.S. Constitution.” Articles are biased against health care reform.

Positive or Somewhat Neutral Commentary

  1. A Detailed Analysis of Barack Obama’s Health-Care Reform Plan: This blog site tackles health care reform throughout, but this particular article, written in 2009, attempts to break the plan down. Many more articles in this blog about health care reform.
  2. American HealthCare Reform: This blog carries positive headlines about health care reform.
  3. db’s Medical Rants: Dr. Centor talks about a wide variety of health options pertaining to internal medicine, American health care and medical education.
  4. Democratic Party News: This link leads to the politics category, and contains slightly leftist political views on a variety of topics. One of the articles discusses ObamaCare and its affect on healthcare careers.
  5. Health Care Reform: This blog is dedicated to providing readers with the latest information on government health care policy amendments.
  6. Health Care Reform Update: Roger Collier is a consultant specializing in health care policy issues. He was CEO of a national health care consulting firm, and Principal-in-Charge of KPMG’s national health and welfare consulting practice.
  7. Medinnovation: Richard L. Reece, MD, is pathologist, editor, author, speaker, innovator, and “believer in abilities of practicing doctors and their patients to control and improve their health destinies through innovation.”
  8. My Involuntary Servitude: Maintained by an attorney living in the southeast who was inspired to do something about what he felt was a life of involuntary servitude. A concise account of legal goings-on concerning ObamaCare.
  9. ObamaCare WatchObamaCare Watch: The writings in this blog are focused on monitoring implementation of President Obama’s newly passed health care law, including in-depth research and analysis with key news stories and commentary.
  10. Open Congress ObamaCare: This blog is a non-profit and non-partisan source of information and invites everyone to participate in comments. OpenCongress is a free and open-source project of the Participatory Politics Foundation, an organization with a mission to increase civic engagement.
  11. ObamaCare: This link leads to various opinions and news articles that point to strengths and weaknesses within health care reform.
  12. Science Blogs ObamaCare: This link leads to many articles, most of which take a well-reasoned stance for or against various components of Obama’s health care reform bill and its implications. Dr. Jeffrey H. Toney, an educator, scientist, and avid blogger, wrote an article a few years back breaking down some key numbers behind the health care reform.
  13. The Alan Katz Health Care Reform Blog: The Alan Katz Health Care Reform blog was launched on January 2, 2007 and continues to earn distinctions for his analysis of health care reform policy.
  14. The Hill ObamaCare: A blog for lawmakers who question ObamaCare from both sides.
  15. The Washington Watch: Current updates on news and efforts made in the political arena on the healthcare debate. Reasonably neutral in its stance and is maintained by Jim Harper, Director of Information Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, in his spare time, as a public service.

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