Top 10 Health and Medical News Sites

Whether you are a student or a professional nurse, being informed of the latest developments in the field should be a top priority. Even while you are still in school, it is important to be aware of the current events of your future profession. As one of the fastest growing careers in the nation, it is no wonder that more news sites dedicated to this industry are being created. These are 10 of the best healthcare and medical news sites available.

Strictly Health and Medical

All of the websites here are strictly dedicated to health and medical information. In addition to formal news articles, many of them have blogs, links to their social media platforms, and a plethora of other information that allows you to get the most out of each source.

  1. Healthline logoHealthline – values responsible journalism and aims to bring the latest objective health information to its readers. They have a knowledgeable writing and editing staff as well as medical professionals who often review the content for accuracy before it is published.
  2. Internal Medicine News – With “News and Views that Matter to Physicians” as their tagline, it’s no wonder that thousands of healthcare professionals flock here to keep abreast with the latest news for internal medicine. Their goal is to engage and educate their readers through fact-based content, fully disclosing any sources they may use in their research.
  3. MedCityNews – Focusing on the innovations of healthcare as a business, they provide information on the most current technologies, policies, companies, and trends. Their content includes everything from start-up ventures to annual events around the nation, making sure that you have a comprehensive awareness of this field.
  4. Medical News Today (MNT) – MNT addresses any and all medical issues and is one of the largest online platforms for industry news. They have over 12 million viewers per month who trust their daily investigative reports.
  5. MedicineNet – This healthcare media publishing company has been around for nearly 20 years. Their primary goal is to provide understandable answers to any health or medical questions that you as a patient may have through their news articles.
  6. Medscape – As part of WebMD’s “Health Professional Network,” they give professionals access to over 200 peer-reviewed journal articles. Medscape’s material also consists of the latest conferences, book reviews, expert columns, and more.
  7. The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) – NEJM concentrates their content on biomedical science and clinical practice in order to give career-applicable information to medical professionals. This free, weekly journal sees over 600,000 international readers each week, and was founded in 1811, making it the oldest (continuously updated) medical journals today.

General News

These websites are homes to general news sources that also have a prolific health and medical section. The content can include political, scientific, and personal interest articles all relating to the health and medical industry.

  1. The Atlantic: Health – Valuing fresh takes on pressing issues, this publication delves into all aspects of health in our society. These eye-opening articles will satisfy your curiosity on everything from the latest prescriptions to the public usage of alternative health practices.
  2. New York Times LogoThe New York Times: Health – This well known news source can be a one-stop spot for all you current event and pop culture news, so it should be no surprise that their section on health is just as reliable. You can count on The New York Times to dive into trending health-related issues and discoveries around the world.
  3. ScienceDaily: Health & Medicine – They are one of the premier sources for science news, and their health and medicine department is updated multiple times a day. Here you can find international health news ranging from medical oddities to advancements in standard procedures.


These are not news sites, but rather informational blogs that we thought were too good to leave out. The content is based more on opinion rather than fact. These sites are a great resource to get a feel for the popular arguments and discussions around any given health related issue.

  1. The Doctor Weighs In (TDWI) – Originally focused on obesity and weight loss, this blog has grown from one lone writer to now a multitude of regular and guest authors. They discuss a variety of health and medical topics including information technology, policies, patient care, and more.
  2. TEDMED – TEDMED is part of the famous TED Talks conferences, and was created with the sole purpose to share incredible ideas and inspire one another by engaging a conversation between the scientific and healthcare/medical community with the public. Their blog provides an easy way to access tips and tricks from the leading pioneers of the field.
  3. The Doctor Blog – In addition to their primary appointment-booking services, ZocDoc has two blogs that serve as a platform for delivering trends in the health and medical industry to their customers. Since their customers consist of both healthcare providers and patients, they have created two blogs; The Doctor Blog for (you guessed it) doctors, and The ZocDoc Blog catered to everyone else.

There you have it! With all of these sources, your curiosity will be forever satiated. To learn even more about nursing opportunities, be sure to check out the rest of this LVNtoBSN website.

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