Whether you are a student or a professional nurse, being informed of the latest developments in the field should be a top priority. Even while you are still in school, it is important to be aware of the current events of your future profession. As one of the fastest growing careers in the nation, it is no wonder that more news sites dedicated to this industry are being created. These are 10 of the best healthcare and medical news sites available. [click to continue…]

As a nurse, it helps to know the human body. Understanding how different systems work and interact with each other, can help you better treat your patients. The human body is interesting, and learning about our anatomy offers insight into the complex functions that let us perform what we deem to be simple tasks, like eating, breathing, and walking.

Technology allows the average person to look at images that you would have previously only been able to see in a medical profession. This public information provides healthcare workers and others a chance to see how our bodies work. To see some interesting (albeit sometimes gross) images, you can browse these online human anatomy galleries.

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Nurses often deal with patients one-on-one to help them in admission, during an illness, and in recovery. The following 25 Android apps can help along the way, as they point to disease symptoms, offer positive changes for a preventive and healthy lifestyle, and provide entire libraries filled with apps designed for education or to pass on to patients. These tools can be useful in studies and emergencies. [click to continue…]

Healthcare reform, often known as ObamaCare, has been one of the hottest and most emotionally explosive issues over the past several years among health care professionals and as well as those who do not understand health care. While some people consider that the availability of good healthcare is a right for everyone regardless of their ability to pay, others feel just as strongly that access to healthcare is a privilege only to those who have the funds to pay for it. This list of informational blogs attempts to give a balance to both sides of the ObamaCare debate. However, you may find a rainbow of rationales from extreme to moderate on both sides of the fence. [click to continue…]

The Internet has a number of amazing uses. Indeed, whether you are a nurse, doctor, or any other health care professional, you can find a number of resources online to help you improve your knowledge, and give you the means to be a better health care practitioner. Today, there are even games that can help you improve your abilities.

Whether you are still going to school to be a nurse or you are working in the field, it is possible for you to learn more with the help of online games. There are a number of games that center around medicine and health, and even those aimed at children can provide a nice refresher course. Here are a variety of great online games and quizzes, in no particular order, to teach you more about healthcare.

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If you are in a health profession, you might want to portray the image of health and wellness. Reward successes with a fitness vacation at a health resort, retreat, or spa to maintain your spark and vitality. This is a list of the top 50 healthiest resorts in the world and they are located in every continent and offer different focuses on health and wellness. They all also offer the latest in style, luxury and comfort. [click to continue…]

For years, nurses and other health care professionals have known that music has positive effects on the brain. Indeed, the complexities of music are thought to stimulate a variety of brain functions. Music has been known to improve both physical and mental health. Many health care professionals are advocates of music therapy, as it often can increase recovery time and overall outcome.

Here we have provided links to 17 studies that are focused around music, the brain, and your health. All of the abstracts, and several full articles, to these studies are free through the links below. Before you pay for an entire article, document the article title and author and contact your school to find the complete study for free.

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Health professionals, including nurses, may find that childhood obesity is an ever-growing and frustrating problem that they will face on a daily basis. The numbers are staggering, showing that childhood obesity is a nationwide epidemic. While the nation is addressing the problem, illnesses that affect obese children often become obstacles in helping them to lose weight. Hence, obese children often become obese adults who often carry health problems with them into adulthood. [click to continue…]

Everyone knows that networking is essential in trying to stay afloat in today’s unpredictable economy. Networking is equally important when trying to get a promotion or even when figuring out an educational path. Listed below are five helpful social networking sites to help potential and professional nurses gain an edge in the healthcare industry. [click to continue…]

Do global health issues seem overwhelming to you? You are not alone. A number of doctors, nurses, and organizations feel overwhelmed too, and many are in the field working to help others. These professionals are writing about global health problems, solutions, and ideas. If you want to join the discussion and possibly be part of the solution, just visit the any one of these 40 international healthcare and nursing blogs listed below to learn more. [click to continue…]