LPN/LVN to RN Track

While the LPN/LVN (licensed practical nurse/licensed vocational nurse) field is one of the faster-growing professions in the United States, the registered nursing field is also growing at a fast rate, likely in part because of such programs as the LPN/LVN to RN fast track. Track programs – also called bridge programs – allow students to use previous coursework, relevant work experience, or certification to trim down the necessary course load. In this case, becoming an RN has now takes less time for those already working as LPNs or LVNs.

My Degree and What It’s Good For

Most LPN/LVN to RN fast track or bridge programs will either guide students toward an Associate of Science in nursing (ASN) degree or a Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN). Credentials and certifications in the nursing profession are complementary of each other, so obtaining an ASN or BSN, in addition to becoming an RN, only increases opportunities for career advancement later on.

My Earning Potential

In addition to the ability to fast track the training required to obtain a registered nursing licensure, various financial and job-related factors also make it prudent for some nursing professionals to work toward becoming an RN. The LPN/LVN field is slated to grow by upward of 22 percent this decade – a rate faster than average compared to all professions in the United States. However, the registered nursing profession is slated to see 26 percent growth over the same period of time. While LPN/LVN professionals earn a median annual salary of $40,380, registered nurses comparatively earn a median salary of $65,000 per year (BLS.gov).

Online LVN to BSN Degree Programs

LVNs can earn a BSN degree online in half the time and cost of traditional programs. Achieve Test Prep has a 92% pass rate on exams, no waiting lists to get started, low cost financing options available, and no long-term contacts required. You can learn at an accelerated pace and earn college credit-by-examination and then transfer to an ACEN accredited nursing school or 100’s of universities nationwide.
South University provides students both a Bachelor's and Master's program in Nursing. The on campus bachelor's degree prepares students for careers at acute care hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, and community-based clinics. The online master's degree provides advanced study in clinical teaching skills and research.

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